Staff Leave Planner Template 2012

Annual Leave Planner Template

The Annual Leave Planner is a simple tool that allows you to track, manage and report on employee leave / absence across your calendar year. If you're looking for an annual leave planner template then why not download our free version of the planner - we've spent hundreds of hours developing the annual leave planner so you don't have to! This template is fully functional bar the following limitations:
  • It is limited to tracking 5 employees.
  • Reports cannot be exported.
  • You can save the planner up to 20 times.
In order to run the Annual Leave Planner, please ensure that you meet the following minimum requirements:
  • Microsoft Excel 2000, Excel XP, Excel 2003, Excel 2007 or Excel 2010.
  • A Windows based operating system (unfortunately the planner will not work on Mac OS)
Annual Leave Planner

Available Versions

The Annual Leave Planner is designed to cover your calendar year. The following table outlines the planners that we have available to try as a demo. If you would like to try the planner with different dates or if you would like an extended trial with more employees available on it, please contact support.

The demos are available in .zip and .exe format. The planner can be extracted from the .zip format using Windows or a decompression program such as 7zip. The .exe format will automatically extract the planner for you at the location where you have saved it.

Planners Starting in the Year 2016
July 1st 2016 to June 30th 2017 - Now FreeDownload the full planner for free
August 1st 2016 to July 31st 2017 - Now FreeDownload the full planner for free
September 1st 2016 to August 31st 2017 - Now FreeDownload the full planner for free
October 1st 2016 to September 30th 2017 - Now FreeDownload the full planner for free
November 1st 2016 to October 31st 2017 - Now FreeDownload the full planner for free
December 1st 2016 to November 30th 2017 - Now FreeDownload the full planner for free
Planners Starting in the Year 2017
January 1st 2017 to December 31st 2017 - Now FreeDownload the full planner for free
February 1st 2017 to January 31st 2018Download a demo
March 1st 2017 to February 28th 2018Download a demo
April 1st 2017 to March 31st 2018Download a demo
May 1st 2017 to April 30th 2018Download a demo
June 1st 2017 to May 31st 2018Download a demo
July 1st 2017 to June 30th 2018Download a demo
August 1st 2017 to July 31st 2018Download a demo
September 1st 2017 to August 31st 2018Download a demo
October 1st 2017 to September 30th 2018Download a demo
November 1st 2017 to October 31st 2018Download a demo
December 1st 2017 to November 30th 2018Download a demo
Planners Starting in the Year 2018
January 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018Download a demo
February 1st 2018 to January 31st 2019Download a demo
March 1st 2018 to February 28th 2019Download a demo
April 1st 2018 to March 31st 2019Download a demo
May 1st 2018 to April 30th 2019Download a demo
June 1st 2018 to May 31st 2019Download a demo
July 1st 2018 to June 30th 2019Download a demo
August 1st 2018 to July 31st 2019Download a demo
September 1st 2018 to August 31st 2019Download a demo
October 1st 2018 to September 30th 2019Download a demo
November 1st 2018 to October 31st 2019Download a demo
December 1st 2018 to November 30th 2019Download a demo

Annual Leave Planner Template Screenshots

To learn more about the planner, please click on the thumbnails below.

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